International Video Upload Competition
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1)What is the minimum age to participate?

No, there is no minimum age to participate. SeeCompetition Information, Rules, & Guidelinesfor specific age divisions.

2) Is there a time limit?

There is no time limit for the piece you select for the preliminary round as long as your video upload is from a single work.

3) Do I need to commit to the piece I plan to record at the time of application?

No. You choose the piece when you upload your video. For 2014 Variations Category Competition, the application deadline is September 30, 2014, but the video upload deadline is not until October 20, 2014.

4) Are there any specific requirements regarding sound quality?

We are not looking for or requiring a particular standard of quality. At the same time, the Applicant should be aware that a poor quality recording may cloud the artistry of the performer.

Please see our Video Upload General Guidelines.

5)Who will see my uploaded video?

Preliminary Round: judges only
Semi-Final Round: judges + uploaded videos will be featured on our website and YouTubechannels
Final Round:judges + uploaded videos will be featured on our website and YouTubechannels

6)Can I use a recording from a few months ago?

The video recording of a "live" performance can be from any time within the last twelve (12) months as long as the video is in compliance with the Video Upload Guidelines.

Please see ourVideo Upload General Guidelines.

revised 9/2014

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