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Division 2

Division 3

Division 4
Fedor, Caroline

Division 5

2014 Classical Category


Division 1 (age 9 & under)
1st place $250: Shimada, Chikako
2nd place: Ajero,Antonio

Division 2 (age 12 & under)
1st place $500: Hsiao,Enoch
2nd place: Chen,AprilDawn-yi
3rd place (tie): Chen,Laura
3rd place (tie): Cho,Kevin
5th place: Park,Audrey

Division 3 (age 15 & under)
1st place $750: Breakstone,Jonah
2nd place: Sung,Andrew
3rd place: Berg,Charles
4th place: Rosenbaum,Yoko
5th place: Sun,Elizabeth
6th place: Sung,Breanna
7th place: Chen,Meg

Division 4 (age 18 & under)
1st place $1,000: Tsianos, Athena
2nd place: Wong,Eri
3rd place (tie): Fedor, Caroline
3rd place (tie): Roberts, Ryan
5th place: Pak, Jensen
6th place: Germain, Oksana
7th place: Yan, Jiu Jiu
8th place: Tso, Matthew

Division 5 (age 22 & under)
1st place $1,000: Delfin,Michael
2nd place: Matsumoto,Shotaro
3rd place: Shen,Paul

2014 Classical Category Judging Panel

Prof. Charles Abramovic, DMA

Prof. Tim Durkovic

Prof. Edward Francis

Prof. Andrew Hisey, DMA

Dr. Judy Huang

Prof. Max Levinson

Prof. Markus Pawlik

Ms. Sharon Townsend
Board President, Elvin Samuel McGaughey Music Foundation
Board Development Committee Member, Music Teachers' National Association (MTNA)
Past Executive Director, International Institute for Young Musicians/Foundation

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